First time’s a charm for Arkansas family

They caught a bounty for dinner! The extended McSpadden family chose beautiful Hawks Cay Resort for their first ever trip to Marathon Florida Keys.  And, they included a fishing charter with SeaSquared. We went to the calm bay and got … Read More

North Carolina family nets a fine dinner!

Nothing says “family bonding” like a day on the water catching dinner.  The extended Cox family chose beautiful Tranquility Bay Resort for their first visit to Marathon Florida Keys and they included a half day fishing trip with SeaSquared. We … Read More

Good eatin’ fish for Joe and Kris

The tarpon weren’t biting so we changed course and caught dinner instead! Tremendous rains turned down the water temps and sent the tarpon out to the reef.  So, Joe and Kris opted for some fun fishing in Florida Bay with … Read More

Anniversary fishing trip

First time away without the kids … and they took time out to fish! These Minnesotans have caught some trout in their time, but nothing like what they got on this trip!  They caught four sea trout in the 16- … Read More

Shark fishing adventure for father-son from Jersey

Bull and lemon sharks kept them busy! The first shark to take a bait today was a young bull.  We primarily get lemon sharks, with the occasional bull and blacktip, so I was really pleased to see this guy show … Read More

Danielson family fishing, day two: sharks!

The Florida Keys fishing adventure continues with Dinner and a Show! When you book a fishing trip in the Keys, you need to be flexible as to what type of fishing you’ll actually get to do.  Weather plays a big … Read More

Family fun fishing for toothy critters

The Drelicks had an awesome time catching and releasing 10 sharks! Everyone had their turn at the rod. But Mom, Kim, caught the most! Dawson fought and landed a 6-foot lemon shark on 15lb test! And, the sharks enjoyed their … Read More

First time’s a charm!

The Holland family (and friends) had a blast on their first Florida Keys vacation! They were interested in having the experience of being on the water and seeing the variety of fish we have here in Marathon.  They wanted to … Read More

Annual Foster family fun fishing

Just what Chantal ordered! The Foster family has fished with us since we started chartering back in 2006.  Chantal is a gourmet cook and loves to make fresh snapper dinner for her family while they vacation in Key Colony Beach from … Read More

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