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Coral reefs are the foundation of our amazing fisheries and marine environment in the Florida Keys, and we’re privileged to be able to share them with you.

Our coral reef system, the third largest living reef on the planet, helps make every fantastic day of fishing or lobster snorkeling possible.

Sadly, the last 40 years have not been kind to our coral reefs and we’ve witnessed losses of more than 90% of our indigenous coral coverage with some species losing more than 97% of their populations.

Mote Marine Laboratory’s Protect Our Reefs program has worked tirelessly to understand the reasons for declining coral populations while discovering new ways to restore corals to areas where losses have occurred.

SeaSquared Charters is dedicated to protecting this precious resource to ensure our reef will be here for future generations to enjoy.

Certificate of Appreciation SeaSquared Charters Mote Marine Protect Our ReefsAs such, SeaSquared donates $5.00 from every charter to Mote Marine Laboratory’s Protect Our Reefs program to help advance coral reef restoration and conservation efforts.  Each of our charter groups receives a personalized Certificate of Appreciation for their support of Mote Marine Laboratory’s Protect Our Reefs program.

Mote Marine Laboratory Summerland Key FloridaTo further help Mote’s efforts, you can purchase a reef plate or make a donation simply by clicking here.

Click for more information on Mote’s Protect Our Reefs program.

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