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Getting ready for tarpon season

Typically, we say tarpon season and the tax man arrive on the same day …. April 15.  However, we’ve had a very warm winter and many charter captains believe the Silver King may make an early appearance in the Marathon Florida Keys area.

So, I was happy to see the arrival of my tarpon DNA sampling kits from the FWC’s Tarpon Genetic Recapture Study Team.

Here’s some interesting information I received in an email from the Tarpon Genetic Recapture Team …

As of 2011, we have documented 100 recaptured tarpon from Florida waters.  In 2011, we also achieved our goal of obtaining more than 4,000 DNA samples from anglers like you.  If you return just one tarpon DNA sample you become eligible for bimonthly and end of year random raffles that award wonderful prizes.

The data are starting to show some movement and exchange of tarpon along our coasts between estuarine systems.  The short term recaptures are indicating that tarpon can survive catch-and-release events and be caught again days, weeks, or months later.  Several fish were even recaptured within a few miles of their original recapture location up to two years later. Other more long distance capture events of the same tarpon are more than 200 miles apart.  While many people “know” this to be true, we are now building the data to show it is true and the data are being collected by anglers like you.

For the latest on tarpon research at the FWRI be sure to visit our website at


If you are interested in reading our newly released 2011 newsletter, it is available for instant viewing at the FWC’s Scribd site, http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/80009970

or it can be downloaded from the FWC’s website, http://www.myfwc.com/research/saltwater/tarpon/genetics/newsletter/

Whether you are a charter captain or a recreational angler, we encourage you to get involved with this important research.  To order your DNA sample kits, call 800-367-4461.

Please click for more information …

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We hope to see you on the SeaSquared this year to catch your trophy tarpon!

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Mangrove dinner for the Swan family

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Silly good mangrove snapper fishing

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Fine fishing holiday for the extended Robinson clan

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Happy Birthday Reeve!

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Marathon Florida Keys Fishing Forecast for May 2011 – Season of opportunity!

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One for three tarpon for anglers from upstate New York

Ted and Michelle Szarzanowicz, their daughter Amanda, from Buffalo NY, along with Michael Johnston and his kids Kasey and Michael, from Lockport NY enjoyed a beautiful evening of tarpon fishing at the Seven Mile Bridge. We saw lots of fish rolling and had quite a few bites.  The anglers were able to get three fishContinue Reading

First tarpon of the season!

With lots of tarpon trips coming up on the charter calendar, I wanted to get out and see what’s happening!   Christy and I invited along my deckhand, Jason Bell, plus Johnny Maddox, proprietor of Captain Pip’s Marina and Hideaway and Porky’s in Marathon, and his lady friend, Char Hruska. We anchored up on oneContinue Reading

Marathon Florida Keys Weekly Fishing Report – April 6, 2011 – Snapper dinners for all!

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