Florida Keys Grouper Fishing with Captain Chris Johnson and SeaSquared Charters

Grouper are found in Florida Keys waters as shallow as six feet and out to the great depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Grouper are a top end predator on the Florida Keys reef, second only to sharks and barracuda.  An extremely powerful fish built for short bursts of speed to catch their prey, when hooked grouper will bulldog you straight down into the wreck or reef from which they came.

These fish can achieve great size.  The largest of the group, the black grouper can surpass 100 pounds.  The other two major species are red grouper and gag grouper, which put up an equally demanding fight.

All Florida Keys grouper are excellent eating and always featured specials at restaurants throughout the islands.

Popular for catch-and-release sport fishing, goliath grouper (or jewfish) are protected and must be released unharmed.